Local Businesses We Love - Matt's Kitchen

(Photo borrowed from Matt's Facebook page as I was too impatient to get to my supper to take one!)

As someone who went to school in Bruton more years ago that I would care to remember, at a time when the town wasn’t considered entirely safe after dark, I am more than a little thrilled by the change in fortunes it has experienced over the last few years. It is now a regular haunt for London’s cool kids (except I’m sure they’re not called that) who want to escape to the country, whether permanently or just for a weekend.

One of the best arrivals has got to be Matt’s Kitchen. Originally set up as a supper club in the sitting room of Matt Watson’s cottage, the house has now been entirely turned over to the restaurant. The menu is compact, with three starter choices, one main course – which changes each evening – and a couple of puddings. However the most important thing, at least as far as we’re concerned, is that as far as possible it’s based on local and seasonal food. And it is good. Really good. Worth begging your mother-in-law to babysit your three children good. We just need to persuade him that his beef and eggs should come from approximately four miles to the south-west, and it would be perfection.

For more information, check out Matt’s website – www.mattskitchen.co.uk and put in a good word for us while you’re there!

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