Summer Offers

BBQ season is upon us! It's time for alfresco dining. Even if we're not socialising as normal, we're still loving the opportunity to eat outside. To maximise your opportunities to enjoy our amazing beef we currently have a number of excellent summer offers available, alongside our popular mixed 5kg and 10kg boxes. These offers are available for a limited time only.

Summer pack £60

2 x packs of steak (sirloin/rump/rib eye as available)

1 x 500g beef strips (from top rump) - great in stir fries

4 x 500g packs minced beef

Joint & steak pack £50

1 x hindquarter joint (1.25kg - 1.4kg)

2 x packs of 2 steaks (sirloin/rump/rib eye as available)

Mince pack £22.50

5 x 500g packs of mince (burger heaven! Check our our favourite receipe here)

Fillet piece £45/kg

Subject to availability - contact us if you're interested

Rib joint on the bone (limited availability)

2 ribs per joint - £45

1 rib joint - £25

N.B. Only available as part of a larger order

Steaks £60

4 x Sirloin steak

2 x rump steak

2 x rib eye steak

Braising steak £20 (limited availability)

4 x 500g packs

Beef bones £5/kg

Knuckle and marrow bones in 4" pieces ready for your dog or to roast and make bone broth (two bones makes approximately 2.5l of broth)


Please contact us if you're interested.

Bring on the (socially distant) BBQs. Stay safe everyone.

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