Late summer offers from the farm

And just like that, the summer is almost over. The two big children have gone back to school, the Aga is back on and the animals are getting a little bit fluffy with the start of their winter coats. We have some great offers for our local customers, including:

  • Summer Packs (limited availability) £60

2 packs of two steaks - sirloin/rump as available; 1 x 500g (approx) beef strips for stir fries (or biltong!); 4 x 500g (approx) minced beef.

  • 5kg pack £70 (or £135 for two) One fore-quarter & one hind quarter joint - approx1.2-1.4 Kg each (serve a family of four); two packs of two steaks; 1 or 2 x 500g (approx) packs of mince; 1 or 2 500g (approx) packs diced/braising/skirt steak beef.

  • Long Slow Autumn pack £60 2x1.25-1.4kg slow roasting joints; 3x 500g (approx) mince and 3x 500g (approx) diced/braising steak.

  • Mince pack £22.50 5 x 500g (approx) packs of mince.

  • Fillet piece £45/kg Currently sold out but please contact us for pre orders.

  • Rib joint on the bone £45 each Limited availability 2 ribs per joint. Please contact us for pre orders of rib joints.

  • Steaks £60 4 x sirloin steaks; 2 x rump steaks; 2 x rib eye steaks.

  • Super steak pack £65 2 x fillet steaks (300g approx) 2 x sirloin steaks; 2 x rump steaks; 2 x rib eye steaks.

  • Braising steak £20 4× 500g (approx) packs.

  • Skirt, strip & mince pack £30 2 x skirt steaks; 2 x 500g (approx) beef strips; 2 x 500g (approx) mince.

  • Mini pack £20 2 x 500g (approx) mince; 2x rump or sirloin steaks N.B Only one mini pack can be ordered at one time.

Please note: all packs of 2 steaks (except fillet) are 400-500g approx

Free delivery within 10 miles of Castle Cary (or free within 20 miles for orders over £75) on Tuesdays and Fridays (including a free 500g pack of beef strips for repeat customers). Email to order or Contact Us. We can also include some of our delicious pastured eggs with your order, please just ask!

If you would like to order from further afield, please contact us to discuss.

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