Rob & Sally

At the core of the farm, and our family, are Rob and Sally. Rob has lived on the farm for his whole life. He has been at the forefront of our move to regenerative farming, driven by a conviction that there must be a better way to produce his meat and eggs, without ruining the land for future generations.

Sally and Rob have been married for over 30 years. As well as being the most glamorous farmer’s wife in Somerset, Sally handles wholesale orders, local deliveries and the dreaded accounts.

Ed & Camilla

Ed moved to the farm, with Sally and his brother Charlie, when he was eight and found himself in heaven. Having always wanted to farm – he built a full-sized pig pen for his imaginary pigs aged 6 – he has been working alongside Rob ever since.

Ed is a gifted and innovative engineer and is often found tinkering around, working out ways of doing things more efficiently. He and Rob can discuss regenerative farming into the wee small hours, and have an extensive library of books on the subject between them.

Camilla is married to Ed, and, along with Charlie, deals with the e-commerce side of the business. As a creative at heart, she is happy to deal with social media and sourcing, leaving the technical stuff to Charlie!

Ed and Camilla have three farmers in training – Gus, Arty and Finty – who spend as much of their time outside as they can, roaming the fields, riding ponies, paddling in the river and cuddling chickens. The family live with their ancient and much-loved Labrador, Fig.

Charlie & Lynn

Charlie was six when he moved to the farm. Unlike his brother Ed, Charlie initially hankered for more of a city life. He is a lawyer (but asks that we don’t hold that against him) and spent the first part of his career in London. However, Charlie has come to his senses and has moved back to the farm where he works with Camilla. He is also a useful tractor driver and cattle-handling assistant when required.

Lynn is married to Charlie and, although not directly involved with the operational or business side of the farm, she loves to walk around chatting to the animals and giving them a little scratch behind their ears. She is also the first to volunteer to test new recipes and new products!

Charlie and Lynn live with their beloved miniature dachshund, Hudson, and their ever-growing collection of indoor plants.

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