It's simple. To produce nutrient rich food that nourishes both the people that eat it and the land that helped grow it.

Who are we and why are we calling ourselves slow – something not often considered a good thing in this day and age? We’re called the Slow Farming Company because it reflects both our farming style and the natural methods we use to produce our beef and hens’ eggs. You could summarise it by saying we’ve recognised Mother Nature knows best, and we’re constantly striving to work in harmony with her. Our family have been farming just outside Castle Cary in Somerset for five generations, and it is very much a family business, with generations four, five and six (still in training) currently living on the farm.


Our fields are a mixture of herbal leys, which include unusual plants and grasses such as sainfoin, clover and chicory, along with grass based pasture. The cattle graze the fields in a mob, moving on to new paddocks each day, and are followed by our gang of free-range hens who scratch around eating the leftovers, spreading the muck and producing the most delicious ‘pastured eggs’.


The nutritional benefits of this kind of food are hard to argue with – pasture reared beef, and eggs from pasture kept chickens, are lower in cholesterol, higher in Omega 3 fatty acids and higher in heart disease-fighting antioxidant vitamins, like vitamin E. It’s also better for the animals, who are truly free-range, and it has all but eliminated the need for antibiotics or other chemical intervention.


Please do contact us if you’d like to try some of our amazing beef, we’re always happy to show you the animals grazing in the fields and talk you through why our meat tastes so good.

If you would like to try our beautiful pastel coloured pastured eggs, which we occasionally supplement with those from local farmers who share our values, they are available at The Old Pharmacy and Bill the Butchers in Bruton, at the farm shop at The Newt in Somerset and via the nationwide delivering Mobile Newt.